Designed and Manufactured in


Since 1963
We manufacture packaging, acting ethically and responsibly with the environment,
in our facilities located in Barcelonasince 1963, where we constantly innovate
in the design and development of proposals at the highest level.
Quality Finishes
We manufacture bags of different models and sizes, with different materials and finishes, totally customisable to your needs. Bags with paper handles, die-cut handles, strings or ribbons, with different closing systems.
Rigid cardboard boxes with customised shapes according to the needs of the product, with interior nests for fastening, quality printing, laminated, embossed, hot stamping or selective varnish finishes.
An Extra
Printed ribbons of different fabrics and widths. Silk, Cellulose or Kraft wrapping papers with personalised prints. Garment bags made of cotton or TNT Nonwoven ( non-woven cloth). Adhesive labels or Hang Tags in cardboard with different printing systems.


Designed and Manufactured in


Texidó S.A. is a company dedicated to the manufacture of packaging. From our 9800m2 plant in Lliçà de Vall (Barcelona), we respond to the needs of our customers. In our workplace we offer solutions both in the elaboration and development of the product, as well as in its subsequent manufacture, attending to the different processes of printing, lamination, confection and those jobs that require manual finishing.


Committed to the environment

We are firmly committed to incorporating into our production process all those improvements that allow us to generate a lower environmental impact.


Proof of this is the implementation in the production process of water-based inks or glues or the management and treatment of waste generated throughout the process.


The use of FSC-certified paper and cardboard guarantees that these materials come from forests managed in an environmentally responsible manner.


Start-up of a photovoltaic station that generates
500,000 Kw/year of clean energy.

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Our products are manufactured entirely in our factories located in Barcelona and Portugal.

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We put all our efforts to meet the requested projects with absolute commitment and responsibility, using the latest technology.

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Commitment to our clients, our reason to be. We participate in the development and counselling of their projects.

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We have a large team of professionals to cover all aspects related to the development of new proposals.

Customised products tailor-made,

with a wide variety of materials, printing techniques and finishes.

Avinguda del Plà 22-24 – 08185 Lliçà de Vall Barcelona (SPAIN)

Tel. (+34) 93 843 90 04 |
Avinguda del Plà 22-24 – 08185 Lliçà de Vall Barcelona (SPAIN)

Tel. (+34) 93 843 90 04 |

Por una asociación a largo plazo

TEXIDÓ S.A es una empresa familiar española, apasionada por el arte de la impresión aplicado a la creación y fabricación de packaging de lujo.


Desde 1963 fabricamos todos nuestros productos en Barcelona.

En una superficie de 13.000 m², nuestras instalaciones cuentan con las últimas tecnologías de impresión y manipulación de papel y cartón, siempre teniendo en cuenta el desarrollo sostenible y la preservación del medio ambiente.

Cumplimos los estándares internacionales y medioambientales:
· FSC La marca forestal responsable
· ISO 9001
· ISO 14001


Nuestra gama de productos nos permite cubrir las necesidades de muchos sectores:
· Moda
· Marroquinería
· Perfumes y belleza
· Vinos y licores
· Relojería
· Joyería

· Productos selectivos


Nuestro objetivo es brindar soluciones a la medida de las necesidades de nuestros clientes.
Ponemos nuestra pasión, nuestras habilidades y nuestro saber hacer al servicio de sus proyectos.



Francesc Texidó